It’s hard being in 2 places at once!  I’m trying to keep all the info matching from Facebook and for the blog 🙂  Facebook is so easy to keep up with even though this isn’t hard either~  However if you want to see current pricing and current pieces of work visit the Facebook page since I post things there almost daily!


It’s up to date and shows all my most recent works 🙂  A HUGE gallery of new things!  Thanks to all the Absolutely Handmade supporters!  I’ve been working nonstop since our relocation to AZ and it feels great!  I can definitely feel how much AH’s work is appreciated!  Now to find local shows and it will feel like home again 🙂  Email me if you need anything or are interested in booking a Home Trunk Show 🙂  Absolutelyhandmade@gmail.com


Trunk Shows! Catalog link! Festivals! Flea Markets!

Well Absolutely Handmade will be relocating to Arizona by June 1st!  So excited about this opportunity for our family and my business!  In the meantime we are still booking shows!  Please email me at absolutelyhandmade@gmail.com about booking your Trunk Show or Catalog show where you will earn a 10% credit based on your total sales to spend on yourself or your little ones!  As of right now I am booked in April for The Big One at the Agricenter in Memphis, TN, Chickasaw Elementary School in Olive Branch for April 30th, and A’ Fair in Hernando on May 21st.  Catalog shows are easy and flexible!  You will get a catalog or two to have in person and then you will have a link online to invite people to shop from during a specific timeframe!  Anything sold during those dates will be tallied and you will earn 10% of the total sales as a credit to spend on yourself!  Or book a trunk show where I bring the items to your house, church, community center, etc. and let people shop with the same rewards!  Email me about anything you need/want or have questions regarding!  I’m always available!  Getting in new fabrics I hope any day now!  Keep your eyes on Absolutely Handmade! 

Here is the link to the Spring Catalog I’ve just finished up!  Let me know if you have any questions!


 Business is doing better and better all the time!  I really appreciate all my gracious customers who are helping to keep my business open!  My family is very appreciative for the support!  All this wouldn’t be possible without you guys!  I wouldn’t have the flexibility to take care of all 4 of our kids and be readily available for our son who has Asperger’s Syndrome if it wasn’t for the great customers I have that keep coming back to Absolutely Handmade because of our flexibility, creativity and affordability!  Customer service is such a big part of this business as is word of mouth so I thank everyone for all the referrals!

Spring 2011 Trunk Shows Kick off this week!

Despite the snow and now ice we are experiencing in the Memphis Metro area Absolutely Handmade is hard at work! Orders are rolling in and production is underway! Lots of new styles for Spring/Summer! I’m booking Trunk shows now for this season! Trunk shows are kicking off this weekend in Springfield, MO where we are returning to visit our gals up there once again 🙂 Sweet group of ladies! I’ve posted the new Spring 2011 catalog on Absolutely Handmade’s Facebook page for everyone to view and order from. New fabrics are also shown on the Facebook page as well 🙂 Lots of new beautiful fabrics are coming! Please let me know what date you want to set up for your Trunk Show and you will be able to reap the benefits of hosting a show in your home or just a booklet show! 10% of your total sales from your show are yours to spend! Email me now to get your date planned asap!


Absolutely Handmade is at the Agricenter this weekend for The Big One Flea Market and I’ll be back in 2 weeks for the extra show for the holiday season! Hope everyone comes out to see me! Hoping to get some new stuff ready for the December shows! Ordering some more supplies tonight to help finish the holiday gift giving season! Place your order to get it to you in time to wrap for Christmas 🙂 Keep an eye on the Absolutely Handmade facebook page too! I am constantly posting new pictures as soon as things are done!

Fall/Christmas Show Schedule

Well lots of people have been asking 🙂  Where will Absolutely Handmade be over the next few months?  Mostly at the flea market… I will be at The Big One next weekend October 16 and 17, November 20 and 21, December 4 and 5th for the Christmas show and  18 and 19 for the regular show and last minute gifts.  I have the key fobs which make great Christmas gifts as well as the personalized sippy cups, sipsters and coffee cups.  I will have some stockings at some of the shows coming up.  I also have a show November 5 and 6 at Desoto Hills Baptist Church on Getwell Rd in Southaven just past Church Rd.  This is a great show full of tons of local vendors.  I am looking for a few more home shows and starting to book for Spring!  Remember we are always at our booth in Millington at Open Marketplace and we are excited they are going to expand in the Olive Branch/ Southaven area as well as the Collierville area very soon!  I’ll have a booth at both 🙂 I’ve been pestering them about a timeline because I know these markets will be awesome! 

Well back to work!  I have posted new pictures of my clothing I’ve been working on to the Facebook Fanpage http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/pages/Olive-Branch-MS/Absolutely-Handmade/48743646809?ref=ts  and we are on our way to hitting 1000 fans and a big giveaway!  Please go and “like” the page to help us meet that goal 🙂 

Please feel free to email me with any questions or orders that you need done!  I’m always here!

The Big One and Host a Home Party

Absolutely Handmade will NOT be at The Big One this weekend.  We have encountered a good problem to have… I have so many orders I don’t have time to sneak away to work LOL!  It’s so good to be wrapped up in so much that you don’t HAVE to go to work somewhere else!  I’m hoping you guys keep me busy!  Please remember to email me with anything you need to have done as well as email me to set up your home show.  Host a home show and earn 10% of your party’s total sales to spend for yourself!  It’s a great way to visit with good friends and shop all at one time!  I’m so blessed to have so many wonderful customers near and far that are helping to support my little company that I developed 5 years ago first to stay home with the kids and now it gives me the flexibility I need to be with my Asperger baby whenever he needs me!  Thank you so much for everything!

Fall is in Full Swing!

I am working on all the fall orders that are coming in!  Millington is doing great!  I am really appreciating all the support my company is earning with everyone.  We have fans all across the United States!  It’s just so exciting 🙂  Please keep the orders coming in.  I just caught up on the bedding sets… http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=209791&id=48743646809&ref=mf  as well as some of the diaper bags!  I have several outfits and things I worked on for my most recent home show which went well!  Katie earned money to spend on her adorable kiddos for the fall!  It was so much fun getting together with she and Richard and meeting all her fantastic Springfield friends and family.  Can’t wait to go back in the spring and see them all again!  As for now I’ve got some shows coming up including the flea market which I’ve really missed and that is next weekend the 18th and 19th!  I can’t wait!  Please email me if you want to schedule your home show around the other things I have going on for your chance at getting together with friends to shop as well as earning 10% of your total sales to spend on your own!  I am so grateful for everything that I have been blessed with and thank everyone of you for all the support!  Continue to watch and become a fan of our Fanpage on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=209791&id=48743646809&ref=mf#!/pages/Olive-Branch-MS/Absolutely-Handmade/48743646809  for upcoming giveaways and games!  If we reach 1000 I’m doing a major giveaway so go and join and then suggest it to all your friends and have them say you sent them 🙂


I’m offering a $5 discount per outfit on TEAM spirit sets, dresses and pant/t-shirt sets for boys or a FREE bow per outfit ordered!  This is going to run thru Saturday night midnight central time 🙂  Get those orders in quick!  They will ship in 2-3 weeks and arrive just in time for KICKOFF for this years Football season 🙂 Email me with your paypal address, sizes, and teams at absolutelyhandmade@gmail.com  Looking forward to taking care of all your spirit needs this football season!  Check out pics of a few I’ve already done on the FaceBook Fan Page!  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Olive-Branch-MS/Absolutely-Handmade/48743646809?v=photos&ref=ts  Join the page to see all the savings that Fans receive!

AH has joined Open Marketplace in Millington, TN!!!!

Well I will have booth 2102 up and running by the end of the week 🙂  I went today and viewed the space and got some pricing ideas and got some decorating ideas and I am so excited!  I will be taking paint and stock out there this week with the hopes of getting everything up and going!  It may take another few days though but let’s hope not!  It’s a lot of work but God has dropped this in my lap and I cannot wait to see what kind of blessings it brings for my family!  I’m so excited for the kiddos to get into school this week and for me to get to hit the ground running for work!  I know that there is a lot of new things going on with the incentives and booths and home shows and such!  I cannot wait!  It’s still amazing to me to think that all this started with me and my little Singer machine with the intentions of working on stuff for my daughter to realizing the income potential for my family that God had given me with my talent!  It feels so good to have a larger family and know that I can help support it 🙂  But I have to thank all my loyal customers and fans that support Absolutely Handmade because without you guys I wouldn’t still be around 5 yrs later!  THANK YOU!

Back to School! Hosting a Party?

Well the shop is buzzing this week getting everyone ready for back to school 🙂  Our house is bustling as a whole this year with 4 kiddos in Elementary school!  They are all so excited!  Mom is busy thinking of how her business will grow this fall.  As you all know I’ve been mentioning now for a few weeks that I am going to start traveling all over to bring my items to you in your homes and let you host a party for friends with incentives.  Well I sat down last night and gave it some thought!  I am going to offer the host of the parties 10% of their total home party sales to spend for themselves!  Another words if you invite all your friends and have a $1000 show you get to spend $100!  Another reward will be having a friend from your party host a show.  You will earn an additional $25 to spend once your friend hosts a show that makes sales!  I’m trying to keep coming up with ideas to help my loyal customers and grow the business!  I feel like this will be a win-win situation for everyone 🙂  I can’t wait!  Please email me at absolutelyhandmade@gmail.com about your party!  I can’t wait to meet and visit with more and more fans and customers all over 🙂

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